Contour Sculptures now in stock

Contrasting a soft, organic shape with the hard tactility of sandstone,
the latest sculptures from Kristina Dam Studio was made. 

Made in a limited edition of 100 pieces each.


Introducing Foldable Series

The Foldable Series merges industrial and refined aesthetics, distilling design to its essence


The 2024 Collection

Our latest collection embodies a refined and distilled aesthetic, groundedin an exploration of form and material. Steel, increasingly favoured inour hearts, brings beauty and strength, enduring quality to our pieces.

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Outline Bar Chair

The newest addition to our Outline series, the Outline Bar Chair, joins the Outline Chair and Desk, bringing a long-desired addition to this beloved collection that celebrates architectural, Scandinavian style.

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Case Study: A-House
Case Study: A-House

Case study

Centrally located in the new part of Islands Brygge is the A House, where we, together with stylist Trine Darré, have had the opportunity to stage this stunning apartment with products from Kristina Dam Studio

Curved Pedestal

Axis Side Table

Designed by Omayra Maymó – Axis Side Table is a solid piece of furniture that, with its expressive wheels, makes the side table a moveable object.

Curved Pedestal

Case Study
Parocks Luxury Suites & Spa

The Greek hotel Parocks was seeking a fresh and modern look that would complement the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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Outline Chair – A sculptural chair with a minimalistic expression

Architectural and simple chair for many interiors.


Every design from Kristina Dam Studio have a distinct Scandinavian and architectural expression, that you will easily recognize. With clean lines and made of beautiful materials

Simplicity with an attitude

About Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam Studio aim to design products with at sculptural approach. Designs that have character, style and a bold expression that will add something extra to your interior. 

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