Meyers Case

The recently renovated interior features warm oak wall panels, windows, and brown ceramic tiles, creating an inviting atmosphere. Guests can enjoy their treats from elevated seats with direct views of the bakery, sitting on our Outline Bar Chairs in oiled oak, which complement the overall design.



3daysofdesign at Frederiksgade 1

During 3daysofdesign 2024, Kristina Dam Studio furnished an apartment in the historic design house Frederiksgade 1, with a breathtaking view of the Marble Church in central Copenhagen.


A House

Centrally located in the new part of Islands Brygge is the A House, where we, together with stylist Trine Darré, have had the opportunity to stage this stunning apartment with products from Kristina Dam Studio.


Parocks Luxury Suites & Spa

The Greek hotel Parocks was seeking a fresh and modern look that would complement the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. 


Gl. Kongevej 109

Gl. Kongevej 109 houses RevitalizeDNA, an exclusive beauty clinic focusing on their client’s well-being. The interior was recently updated with soothing colours and a high focus on designs in natural materials that together create a space of calmness perfect for a relaxing treatment.


Kim Grenaa's Refurbished Apartment

Kim Grenaa, fashion expert and owner of Grenaa Creative & Grenaa Creative Living, lives in a centrally located building in Copenhagen. The apartment serves as Kim Grenaa's private residence and is furnished with an exclusive collection of furniture, smaller interior pieces, and sculptures from our collection.


Styling Case by Kim Grenaa

Since 1847, Carlsberg has had production and headquarters in the Copenhagen area, known as Carlsberg Byen.


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