Craftsmanship & Material

"Sculptural Minimalism" is the essence of Kristina Dam Studio - designs with character, style and a bold expression that will add something extra to your interior. The sculptural quality and approach are visible in all our designs. Every piece is made from solid materials ensuring longevity and durability. Sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful, and easy to fit into any space or home, adding a unique and bold statement to the interior.

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Designs by Kristina Dam Studio are graphic and architectural, with a high level of detail and excellent craftsmanship, mostly made from natural materials. Kristina Dam believes that mastering the monochromatic palette enables us to create timeless and enduring designs. Kristina aimed to use basic colours in a neutral tone and materials to develop relevance throughout many generations. Every design from Kristina Dam Studio has a distinct Scandinavian and architectural expression that is recognisable.

Ceramics & Terracotta

Our popular vases are made of mouth-blown glass, and our flower pots are all made in stoneware using moulds. Beautiful matte glazes that support an exquisite, simple shape. The fascinating thing about clay as a material is the different expressions the firings create, and a uniqueness occurs in every piece. It is a highly delicate process that creates character, style, and bold expression designs.


A high level of detail and meticulous craftsmanship is the key to beautiful design. Much of our furniture is made from solid FSC-certified oak, so it is possible to polish and oil the furniture to give it new life and a longer lifespan. We also work with various beautiful joints and combinations of oak and walnut, creating a vivid expression in multiple shades. Simultaneously, metal is a lovely material to work with because it has no limitations in terms of design. It is a solid material that enables many thicknesses and maintains stability in the furniture.


"The metal stands out by starkly contrasting the warm wood – it does not become cold in its expression, which is exciting when putting together your interior. For me, working with tactility and different surfaces in an interior design is important. It has succeeded in creating tension and awakening the senses."

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About Kristina Dam

Educated as a graphic designer from the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture and graduated in 2007. In 2004, she exhibited her first piece of furniture in collaboration with her fellow student at the design fair ICFF in New York, where her journey as a designer began to blossom.

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Our History

Arches and architecture have always been the essence of the Kristina Dam Studio’s monochrome collections. We mark our focus on sculptural minimalism with our clean, honest, and contemporary designs and acclaim our passion for craftsmanship and material.

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Latest Projects

The Greek hotel Parocks was seeking a fresh and modern look that would complement the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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