Kristina Dam

Brand & Design Director

We call our design approach for "Sculptural Minimalism". Designs by Kristina Dam Studio are graphic and architectural with a high level of details and excellent craftsmanship. Furniture from Kristina Dam Studio are mostly made from natural materials. We believe that mastering the monochromatic palette enable us to create timeless and enduring designs. Distinct and beautiful - simplicity with an attitude.  

Honest materials

We only use honest, genuine, natural and carefully selected materials – and we treat them with respect. The majority of our collection is produced within the European Union. Our love for genuine materials is a part of our Nordic design inheritance – a legacy we take very seriously.

Sculptural Minimalism

The major lines in the designs are graphic and architectural. A high level of details and pristine craftsmanship is key. Kristina Dam Studio furniture pieces are assembled with spigot joints and dowels and produced in natural materials. You’ll find the same love for details in all of your designs.

A sculptural approach to design

Kristina Dam Studio aim to design products with a sculptural approach. Designs with character, style and a bold expression that will add something extra to your interior. With each collection at least one new sculpture is launched. That sculptural quality and approach is visible in all our designs.

Nothing short of stunning 

Every piece is made from strong materials ensuring longevity and durability. Sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful and easy to fit into any space or home adding a unique and bold statement to the interior.

Every design from Kristina Dam Studio have a distinct Scandinavian and architectural expression, that you will easily recognize. With clean lines and made of beautiful materials – simplicity with an attitude

The signature designs


Frame Sculpture

The Frame Sculpture celebrates 10 years of interior ingenuity and sculptural minimalism through its clean, honest, and contemporary design epitomizing Kristina Dam Studio. Frame is the largest sculpture ever seen from Kristina Dam Studio. The graphic lines and the black powder-coated stainless steel play with the light and create inspiring shadows to be valued indoors and outdoors. It is simple with an attitude.



Collector Series

The Collector series is designed to frame the conversation, the meeting, and the meal just right. The table and chairs in the collection are crafted with attention to minimalistic serenity and a timeless aesthetic. The refined details and honest craftsmanship make for a line of furniture that appears honest and inviting.



Bauhaus Lounge Chair

The Bauhaus Lounge Chair is designed and inspired by the Bauhaus tradition, focussing on form following function. Today the Lounge Chair is a part of the Bauhaus series, defined by the perfectly arched backrests, the circle-shaped tables, and the understated adornment of the perforated grid. The resilient powder coating makes the collection suited for indoor and outdoor use.


Column Coat Rack

Inspired by arches the Column Coatrack is a piece of art for the wall. Made of natural materials the Column Coatrack the epitome of Kristina’s love to architecture.



Stack Storage Box

The Stack series is designed for keeping the habitat neat and organized, offering many storage solutions while being an eye-catching element. The design is minimalistic and contemporary, crafted from solid oak with beautiful dark walnut details.




The Bowl series consists of four shapes and sizes. The three-legged bowls make a distinctive appearance in many settings and are crafted from coloured terracotta.



Curved Side Table

The Curved Table is a signature design that shows Kristina’s admiration for arches and architecture. The sculptural side table was designed from a simple graphic line, paying tribute to simplicity, and that in its form has many functions. Today the Curved Side Table has turned into a contemporary series of visual and functional side tables and benches.



Book Keeper

The Book Keeper was designed inspired by Bauhaus – a simple, minimalistic form for showcasing books that are often beautiful themselves.


Desk Sculpture

The Desk Sculpture consists of four objects, each crafted from natural materials that complement each other beautifully. Individually the uses are many, and together the objects form an inspiring and personal installation.  



Dome Vases

The Dome vases complement a minimalistic interior setting. The simple graphic lines form the shape of the series of vases, which each is a beautiful sculptural piece. The outside of the vases has a raw finish, and inside, the vases are glazed and water-resistant.



Wooden Sphere & Wooden Galaxy

The Wooden Sphere is inspired by Japanese simplicity and crafted from genuine materials. It is a sculptural object in its form and function as beautiful storage for jewellery or treasured gems.




The Stool is the first piece of furniture by Kristina Dam Studio. The timeless and sculptural Stool was designed to meet multiple functions - a stool at the dining table, a side table, or an elegant pedestal for admired art objects. The simple and minimalistic design required talented manufacturing to meet the demand for flat packing.




In 2012 a series of limited-edition illustrations were the first products of Kristina Dam Studio. The illustrations were an interpretation of architectural buildings showing Kristina’s love for art and architecture.

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