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Casa Sublim


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Casa Sublim
Casa Sublim

Illustration | Casa Sublim | Limited Edition

A limited edition illustration portraying Kristina Dams interpretation of  Xavier Corberós unique concrete house, "casa sublim". This art print is signed by Kristina Dam, numbered and framed.

A3 Paper with Glass/Black Steel Frame
42 L x 30 W x 2 H cm

A residence or a giant sculpture? This illustration is inspired by the magnificant "Casa Sublim" located in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain. This ilimited illustration is Kristina Dams interpretation of the home of the much acclaimed sculptor Xavier Corberó. His home has been a work in progress and today it is an extraodinary set of structures covering a massive 32 square kilometer terrain. The estate is a labyrinthine cabinet consisting of numerous buildings and courtyards and sculptures. A unique and remarkable piece of architecture that due to its creator has a masterly sculptural approach. Corberós labyrinth structures and buildings elaborates playfull forms that are layered with archways and staircases. The way that the sunlight and reflections spread out the rooms through the arched and octagonal windows is nothing but breathtaking. Corberós work has always been a great source of inspiration for Kristina Dam and this illustration is her respecful depict of the masters work.


Kristina Dam Studio | Art Poster | Illustration of Casa Sublim | Limited Edition Print | Danish Design
Casa Sublim
Casa Sublim

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