About Kristina Dam

Kristina Dam
Founder, Brand & Design Director

Kristina Dam was born and raised in Præstø. She is educated as a graphic designer from the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture and graduated in 2007. In 2004, she exhibited her first piece of furniture in collaboration with her fellow student at the design fair ICFF in New York, where her journey as a designer began to blossom. Since she was a child, Kristina has loved to paint and be creative, and at the age of 12, she sold her art and objects at markets.
Before her education at the architecture school, Kristina attended Glyptoteket's drawing school, where she learned the precision of perspective drawing with a pencil, leading to her first illustrations when she started Kristina Dam Studio in 2012. The philosophy behind Kristina Dam Studio was a personal wish that everyone should have access to accessible art, which is why she worked primarily with art prints in the beginning.

Kristina Dam's passion for art has only grown, and today, art and architecture are the most significant sources of inspiration:

"The art moves effortlessly across materials and functionality - a free form where everything can happen; it is hugely inspiring. The opposite is architecture, which has a great premise called constructions, using materials and long-lasting materials. Despite this, architecture can challenge us to a certain extent to scale, spatial experiences, ornamentation, tactility – presence in materials. Nothing like good architecture can affect me the most."

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Craftsmanship & Material

Every piece is made from solid materials ensuring longevity and durability. Sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful, and easy to fit into any space or home, adding a unique and bold statement to the interior.

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Our History

Arches and architecture have always been the essence of the Kristina Dam Studio’s monochrome collections. We mark our focus on sculptural minimalism with our clean, honest, and contemporary designs and acclaim our passion for craftsmanship and material.

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Home by Kristina Dam

Visit the Copenhagen home of Kristina Dam, as she opens her doors for this photo reportage.

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