Inner Cushion


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Inner Cushion | 60x40cm | Duck's Feathers & Down 

This inner cushion is made of 80% duck's feather and 20% down. The inner cushions are intended for the The Architecture cushion series from Kristina Dam Studio.

80% Duck's Feathers & Down
60 L x 40 W cm

This ultra soft inner cushion measures 60x40cm and is intended for the Architecture Cushion series. Of course it will also fit into a wide range of pillow cases and besides our range of pillow and cushion casings. Get yourself comfortable using this soft and cosy inner cushion - just find the design you would like to wrap it in.


At Kristina Dam Studio we strive to use the best possible materials. Only genuine and solid materials are selected in our European production. In order to ensure longevity and durability whilst still being aesthetically beautiful and true to the brand’s distinct look and feel all items from our collections are made in the EU. Kristina Dam Studio is on a steady mission to make art and interior design merge. We call our design approach for Sculptural Minimalism.

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Inner Cushion | 60x40 cm| Kristina Dam Studio

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