It’s not just the furniture, it’s the atmosphere of the place you live, love or work. We want you to feel comfortable and at home.

Interior Design

It’s not just the furniture, it’s the atmosphere of the place you live, love or work. We want you to feel comfortable and at home. And we want you to have just the right balance of functionality, design and beautiful details. That’s our approach when we do interior design.

You already know our style. Now let’s style your home, office or company. We also love to co-operate with interior architects all over the world.

Feel free to contact us with your interior project.



Designer Pilgrim Styling

Type of project Kristina Dam Sculptures as decoration pieces for the Pilgrim jewellry room show

Location Copenhagen


Stair Sculpture and Desk Sculpture used for styling of the beautiful jewellery by Pilgrim

Metz A/S


Designer Kristina Dam Studio

Type of project Christmas Showroom & Office

Location Vedbæk, Denmark

Interior Design

From worn down warehouse to state-of-the-art showroom

When Metz AS wanted to transform their former warehouse into a modern and elegant showroom, Kristina Dam was chosen to direct and manage the entire enterprise – from the actual construction and employment of workers to the interior design and the final styling of the showroom. A massive 850 square meter interior project consisting of everything from the actual showroom and trendzones to kitchen and several offices.

Photo Credit: Metz A/S & Anitta Behrendt


Special made podiums for the displaying of goods, mobile and sound absorbing walls used as room dividers, and a special made glass partition are some of the custom made solutions that was produced and designed especially for Metz.

The final styling of 3 trendzones and presentation was also done by Kristina Dam.




Designer Driv Design

Type of project Store Interior Design

Location Kristiansand, Norway

Interior Design
Driv Design selected a handful of our products to decorate the interior of Retro’s new store in Kristiansand, Norway.
Especially the Large Marble Table stands out in the clean and beautiful interior.
Photo Credit: Driv Design

9Hotel in Geneve

Client Hotel 9

Type of project Hotel

Location Geneve, Switzerland

Interior Design

– Selected to decorate 9 hotels rooms using a special made custom sized version of the iconic Cube Table. Even though space is scarce in hotel rooms, you can clearly identify the beautiful marble plate on the side tables in the exclusive interior.

Nabohusene in Ørestad

Client CPH Invest

Type of project Private Apartments for rent

Location Copenhagen (Ørestad), Denmark

Dressed for sale

To attract the attention of potential buyers Kristina Dam Studio was asked to furnish and style
Real Estate’s new apartment building in Ørestad, Copenhagen. Contemporary pieces from
Kristina Dam Studio’s collection was used to sharpen the look of the interior. In addition
color was used to draw attention in the sales material. Get the full scope of the apartment
at our homepage.

Interior Design

Rebslagervej Student House

Client CPH Invest

Type of project Private rooms, Public spaces, Outdoor spaces

Location Copenhagen (Nørrebro), Denmark

Interior design and styling of 78 studio apartments in Copenhagen.

A green profile became keynote in our interior design of the Rebslagervej Student House in Copenhagen.

When entering the building, you are met by cactus hanging from the ceiling of the bright atrium hall. All hallways and public areas are painted in dusty green shades, and all interior is kept in a light Nordic style. Posters and illustrations of plants and architecture reflect the calm and natural feeling.

A comfortable and inspiring home for students from all over the world.

Interior Design

Student room with the «Split-Leaf I» poster from the Botanic Serie on the left wall; under, the Graphic Shelf in black painted steel and in the back the Cube Table in natural oak with white marble.

Another student room with, in front, two stools in natural oak and two Dash Candlesticks on the batle. On the back, a graphic shelf painted in black steel with the desktop organizez in natural oak.

At the kitchen part in a student room, on the wall, a «Lamp» illustration in A4 format; Above, the Bauhaus Trolley in black Painted Steel.

In the bathroom, next to the sink, a sitting storage which is made to be used as a basket for dirty clothes but also to sit on its top.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Do you got a project ?

We listen, inspire and give you the perfect combination of Nordic aesthetics, functional design, comfort and Danish hygge.

Please do contact us at

Private house


Client Private customer

Type of project Interior design

Location Copenhagen


Interior Design

Our Botanic Storage with Wooden Sphere and Sculptural Mirror in the main bedroom.

Our studio was called for an interior project of a private house in Copenhagen. For the bedroom we designed an atmosphere like stepping into a hotel room. The children’s room is a shared bedroom for two kids (6 and 3 years old). We made a private corner for each kid and a common space for playing and reading. We would love to share some pictures with you.

Top Botanic Storage and Wooden Sphere in grey oiled oak.

Top Detail of the room with our Mirror Sculpture.

Bottom The Cloud in natural oak and the Circus in dark oiled oak.


Bottom The kid’s bedroom.

Room'in Showroom


Client Room’in Gent

Type of project Office, Showroom, Exhibition

Location Antwerp, Belgium


Interior Design

Our medium and small Stoneware vases on the greem room.

The Room in Antwerp was a Belgian project featuring furniture and accessories in a homely setting. 

An apartment was filled with great design, yoga classes, dinners and workshops, and then presented to costumers, bloggers and retailers.

Our studio was one of the brands represented in the showroom. The success was obvious, with more than 200.000 people reached in Instagram alone and lots of online visitors.

We are always open for great design co-operations.

Top The Cloud (in the first rack) in natural oak and the Circus (in the secont rack) in dark oiled oak.

Top On the desk the Illustration «Funkis House» in A4 format.

Bottom The Vertical Daybed used as a small sofa on the green room.

Bottom Next to the sink the Marble Perspective used as a cutboard kitchen tool.

In the center The illustration «Endeless» in A3 format.

On the right The sculpture «Marble Circles» in black marble

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